PH034: Leah Bjornson and Jerrid Grimm from Pressboard Media and The Science of Storytelling podcast

May 16, 2019
Today, I am joined by Leah Bjornson and Jerrid Grimm from Pressboard Media and The Science of Storytelling podcast. Leah is a content creator for the company and Jerrid is the founder and CEO. We discuss how storytelling can engage an audience with your brand. Everyone has a story and personal stories are the most interesting. Leah tells me about approaching marketing from a 3-Act structure viewpoint. There is always a story to tell and often the people in a business have a sto...
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PH033: Rebekah Bek of Ahrefs

May 09, 2019
Rebekah Bek is a marketer for Ahrefs, an SEO toolkit that helps optimize your website for best SEO results. We are discussing an experiment that Ahrefs has been running for a little over a year now with podcast sponsorship. Previously on this show, we have discussed sponsorship from the show creators’ side of the deal. Rebekah is going to give us a glimpse of what it is like for the sponsor. Ahrefs had tried experimenting with podcast ads before but it didn’t work out. When Reb...
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PH032: Jeff Large of Come Alive Creative

May 02, 2019
Jeff Large is the owner of Come Alive Creative, a digital media agency that has made the pivot into podcast production. Jeff tells me about his business and why he feels podcasting has a bright future. He explains the services he and his team provide and how he can help podcasters find the right fit for them. I also ask Jeff to give the audience an overview of his article 9 Ways to Determine the ROI of Your Podcast. There will be a link to the article down in the reso...
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PH031: Jason Resnick of Ask Rezz and Live in the Feast

April 11, 2019
The host of Ask Rezz and Live in the Feast, Jason Resnick joins me for today’s episode. Jason is a superstar in regards to email marketing. He shares some of his secrets about reaching and growing his audience. He also announces a big change in his podcasting format and how he plans to move toward merging his two shows together.
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PH030: Charles Perry of Release Notes Podcast

April 04, 2019
Charles Perry is the co-host of the Release Notes podcast. He is a software service developer who discusses the web development world with his co-host Joe. Release Notes originally focused on IOS topics but the show has evolved with Charles and Joe’s career growth. Charles tells me about how his audience responded to the gradual shift in content and why he’s glad the audience has been along for the ride.
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